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How to make a Beaded Flower Vase

Flower Vases beautify homes, offices and surroundings. If well used, they stand out in every decoration.

Here we will summarize all that you need to make your own Beaded Flower Vase.

Tools & Materials

  • Flower vase beads
  • 0.70 or 0.80 fishing line
  • Cutter


  • Cut the fishing line to a controllable length
  • Fix 6 beads on fishing line and interlock with the 6th bead
  • Fix 4 beads on your left line and you interlock with the 4th to have a circle of 5 balls.
  • Fix right line in the next available bead and fix 3 beads on your left Interlock with the 3rd and fix right line in the next available bead
  • Repeat process to form any design of your choice


If you wish to learn more, then register for one of our "Practical Bead Making Training classes."