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How to make a Beaded Spiral Necklace

Spiral Necklaces are a beautiful to behold. they stand out when worn on top of Dinner Gowns or Native Gowns.

Here we will summarize all that you need to create your own Spiral Necklace.

Tools & Materials

  • 0.25mm fishing line
  • Needle
  • Chain hooks
  • Eartops
  • Two colours of seed beads and cutter.


  • Fix 0.25mm fishing line in the needle to a controllable length.
  • Fix the chain hook at the longer end of the line and tighten.
  • Pick four (4) beads of same colour with the needle as recessive and four (4) beads of another same colour with the needle as recessive.
  • Put the needle into four (4) from beneath and pull out. Pick one (1) recessive and four (4) dominant beads and repeat process.


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