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The Art of Bead-making in Nigeria

Bead-making in Jewelry Crafting and Designing is the most popular. Every young girl might become a casualty of this passionate art while first attempting to string old beads in the house or while playing with them as children.

Bead-making is a CRAFTWORK! There are so many other craftworks like card-making, hat-making, bag-weaving, etc. Beaded Accessories are widely accepted not merely as jewelry but even as home and office adornments and beautifiers. For example, flower vases, table mats can be made of beads. These beautiful ornamental designs are already in many homes and offices. These designs may seem difficult when viewing a finished work but it shouldn't be viewed so. As it is totally not. Bead Making is one of the very few craftworks that hardly need a machine or tool before a unique, trendy and exquisite design is produced to make a beautiful YOU!

In Bead-making, CREATIVITY is key. This is followed by PATIENCE.